3 Things To Ditch From Your Closet Now

The closet purge.

Some loathe the thought of trying to weed out items, while others love the idea of pairing down.

I love helping women both in-person and online with their wardrobes. It’s always exciting to see them blossom into a fully-expressed style that speaks to them and helps them step into the woman they desire.

But, in order to get there, other items need to be removed. Clothing garments that don’t serve you, your style goals, body, or lifestyle. Things that make you say, “ugh” as you look in the mirror.

Most people I find really receptive to letting items go. However, some still need a bit of a pep-talk with a few items because even though they know they aren’t using them, they still remain unused, hanging up in the closet.

Here are the top 3 things to ditch from your closet now:

1. Gifted clothing. I’ve spoken with so many clients about items that were given to them with love from in-laws, friends, family, or partners. Things that while cute, just may not be your style or fit quite right. So, in the closet or drawer is stays; unused and unworn.

Many feel guilty for not wearing the gifted piece, but have also expressed feeling guilty at the thought of donating it. Here’s the thing: the gift giver would want you to be happy. They bought it with the intention that you’d enjoy it.

Will they keep track of how much you wear it in their presence or if you wear it at all?


Don’t put pressure on yourself to please someone else through your wardrobe. If it’s not the right vibe for you and your closet, it’s time to let it go. Having it sit in your closet collecting dust isn’t any better than donating it. If you really need a reason, say you spilt something on it.

If it’s a sentimental item? Consider storing it elsewhere.

2. Clothing that doesn’t fit. This is one I talk about all of the time. Maybe you’ve gone through a weight loss transition, or perhaps you’re holding onto something because it use to fit you like a glove. Whatever the reason, it’s got to go.

Storing items that don’t fit (whether too big or too small) adds clutter in the closet. While you may not think it’s a big deal, it can become one. The more ‘stuff’ you have in your closet, the more you mentally weed through in the morning when trying to put an outfit together. Rather than seeing what you physically are working with for outfit options, you’re dealing with that in addition to items that don’t serve you. This often leads to the dreaded phrase, “I have nothing to wear” because you’re staring at items you can’t wear.

Now, I get it, it can be scary to get rid of things based on sizing because you’re worried you won’t have anything left hanging in your closet. But you know what? It’s all an illusion; you still have the same amount of options with or without the extra clothing hanging there. I always think it’s better to get a true picture of what you’re working with (so you can then see what you actually need), rather than having it masked by extra clothing you aren’t using anyway.

If you need a bit of a safety net, take the pieces that don’t fit out and store them elsewhere for 6 months. If you still haven’t used them by then, take them for donation for someone else to enjoy.

3. Expensive clothing. Getting rid of clothing you spent a lot of money on can make you cringe, I get it. I’ve been there in past. You think about the dollar amount and wince at the fact that someone else will enjoy it when you haven’t.

The silver lining to the experience though is that the item taught you something about your style, fit, or perhaps a lesson on being coaxed into buying something when you didn’t really love it in the first place. Whatever the reason, you know you won’t repeat it. Does that make letting go of it any less brutal? No. But, mentally beating yourself up about it when you see it hanging unused in your closet isn’t going to serve you either.


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